Welcome to Balcony Productions


We, the whole Balcony team, want to welcome you on our new site. We are happy that you found your way to our site and we want you to feel like home here. Enjoy and please explore our site. On this site you will find exquisite effects, music, accessories, clothes and gear as well as competitions and services in filming, music, design, photography and production.


So, take your seat on our Balcony and have a session with us.


Be creative. Be unique.

Who we are 


We have an fantastic team of 6 people and each is a professional in his area. We are young, dynamic, professional and we all do and love the art of magic.

Most of us spend our day working on producing new magic, new ideas and sharing our ideas with the team in order to improve and develop effects. We all consider it a privilege to know one another and to be working together in bringing you Balcony Productions. So go ahead and check out our profile and get to know us a bit better.

What we do  

Here at Balcony we offer every service you could need to produce an effect and get yourself noticed within the magic industry.

We do everything from support and ideas, development to music, editing, filming, designing, inventing, scouting, creating and more.

If you want to learn more about exactly what we do, feel free to visit our services section.

Whats new ?

NephilimBy Alexander Kölle


One of the most illusive and cleanest card to wallet's to hit the market. Made from the highest quality Nappa leather utilising an all round zipper feature.

INK'A'CHANGE - By Victor Sanz


From the mind of Victor Sanz, comes a utility effect that is so useful, so clean, and so visually stunning...

Stitched - By Alexander Kölle


This is a KILLER effect that can be performed by anyone, anywhere and is very easy to do.

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